Christmas postcard

Year: 2015

Client: Personal project

Project: For Christmas I designed a postcard of which you can pop out parts to assemble into a reindeer for the Christmas tree. We’ve produced some on the lasercutter and send them out to our families.

I used a 2D vector file from (this one) which I then split up into parts of the reindeer body. I then added some “connectors” to make it all fit together. Because we wanted it to be used as a tree decoration I added a hole in the right spot above the center of gravity so the reindeer would stay balanced. Also the connecting parts were designed in that way so every part hangs on top of the previous part, making sure nothing falls down when hung on the tree.

I had to search a bit for the right tolerances to make the paper fit together nicely together and added some small tabs which connect the limbs to the postcard. In hindsight I would have made the legs a bit bigger, or choose a thicker paper, as the legs tended to bend when popping out not careful enough.

I included an exploded view to help assemble the reindeer in the right way. All in all the result turned out to fit nicely together and we got some pictures from the assembled reindeers back.