CNC tool station: a Hat-systems add-on

Jens is gonna move his studio to Fellesverkstedet and we’re planning on placing his Shopbot next to the one they have at Fellesverkstedet. Since they will be placed next to each other, Jens & Graham figured they might need a main tool station for storing milling bits, collet, chucks, etc. So that’s what I’ve been working on.

I first made a few different try-outs to compare ergonomics and functional proportions. After Jens & Graham gave some feedback on these, I layed out all the milling bits from the studio to find categories for the tool station. Having a proper layout would help other people understand the different type of bits more easily thus storing them in the right place after usage.

This research was then combined into one design based upon the dimensions of Hat systems, with enough space for all tools, safety gear, screws and screwdrivers. Except for one small mistake with the depth of a pocket toolpath, the parts came out fitting nicely together, without having to use any glue or screws. The finished station has the looks of an old industrial machine (or for the Belgian people: like the ‘Teletijdmachine’ from professor Barabas), which is cool.

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