Coasterset for C-mine Food Fest

Year: 2016

Client: C-Mine

Project: I was asked by C-mine to design & produce 500 sets of coasters for C-mind Food fest. The idea was to have a set of coasters of which one would stay blank so people can customize them at the local Fablab in Genk. The inspiration for the design of 4 other coasters were the 4 themes for the expo Beyond Food & Design: Minewater, bees, fish farming and mushrooms. The last coaster was assigned to Vennestraat, the nearby street were the festivities take place.

With the tight deadline they had it was important to optimize production time. I made the designs for the 4 coasters parametric which made it easy to make different versions of one design. This resulted in 21 different versions of each design, which meant that there was a probability of 1 in 194481 that somebody would have the exact same set as somebody else.