Geodesic domes – Bærum International School

Year: 2019

Client: Artisan Tech AS

Project: I was commissioned to create seating pods in the shape of a geodesic dome, in 2 different sizes for the library of the international school in Bærum. After some research into the mathematics and types of domes I decided on creating the dome using the truncated Icosahedron, basically the same geometry that was used to create an old-school soccerball (the one with the black patches). To find the easiest way of connecting the pieces together and double check ease of assembly a small scale prototype was made using the lasercutter. I’ve build the 3D model using parametric software to accomodate for change in material thickness, shape and sizes. After creating a full scale prototype confirming the joinery, CNC-files were transferred to Artisan Tech who then took care of the assembly, upholstery and installation of the final dome structures.

I also made the 3D drawings and CNC-files for the lounge area going around the 2 small geodesic domes.

Pro pictures of the finished installation by Melissa Hegge