Music Maestro

Year: 2014

Client: School project

Project: Music Maestro is a prototype concept for a fun, interactive motivation tool for MS-patients to perform arm movements. The goal of the game is to keep the different layers of a song (e.g. drums, guitar, piano, bass or vocals) active. This is done by holding the hand above the colorful modules, triggering it’s corresponding layer. Each module controls a light, a color bar and a specific music-layer. When failing, the player will lose fans. Winning on the other hand brings you to new levels with or without extra modules. Feedback is given by color, light, sound and on-screen-visuals and the settings can be adjusted to the patients state.


This project was made in a multidisciplinary team together with Shana Loisen, Ben Daenen & Leander Thomas.

Prototype made at Fablab Genk.