OIW Award

Year: 2019

Client: Oslo Business Region

Project: I was asked to produce the innovation award for Oslo Innovation Week 2019 representing the maker community / maker culture in Norway.┬áSo, after getting more experience with working with plastic, I decided to create a compression mold where both the mold and the final product would become the award, thus highlighting both making process and final product. As Olso is Europe’s green capital of 2019 I wanted to create an award that was fully recyclable and both plastic and aluminium (which the mold was made out of) are perfectly suited for this. The plastic that was used came from the Norwegian marine industry.

The mold was produced using code that was generated using grasshopper (Bark Beetle & then some custom code for toolpath optimization). Nice how the winner was Too Good To Go as their business concept is to not let food go to waste, similar to not letting the plastic, that was used for the award, go the waste.