3D milling the Lyngen alps in wood

Year: 2016

Client: FabLab Lyngen

Project: I’ve made a wooden 3D model of the mountains in the Lyngen area on the CNC. I received the 3D model from Rudie van der Meer who converted the open data from http://data.kartverket.no to NURBS surfaces. Some tricks were used to be able to mill it out using the tools available at the fablab: I first glued 2 layers of Pine wood cross grained on top of each other and milled half of the mountains out (There were no milling bits that were long enough). I then glued the outline of the mountain summits on top while the model was still on the machine, thus keeping the same position. Finally I milled the top part using a custom zero point in z-height.

The 3D model will be used for integrating into a custom made dining table with trunk legs, which will be surrounded by Mountain layer chairs.