Final week & final tasks

My final week at Fellesverkstedet and we’re finishing the workshop. It was nice to try out some efficient working with t

Shopbot assembly + New extraction foot

After moving out last week, we had put Jens’s Shopbot back together while at the same time doing some proper squaring on

Moving out

Last week we’ve been busy with moving Jens’s studio out of Bitraf to Fellesverkstedet. So we took the shopbot apar

Upgrading Fellesverkstedet

Setting and rebuilding the workshops at Fellesverkstedet… Also the hatsystems finally got a proper labelling by using th

CNC tool station: a Hat-systems add-on

Jens is gonna move his studio to Fellesverkstedet and we’re planning on placing his Shopbot next to the one they have at

Curve engraving

Trying out some curve engraving with the shopbot. Toolpath made using the postprocessor in grasshopper.  Github link

Fibonacci inspired shaping

Because of this video I got interested in making organic shapes defined by Fibonacci series like pine cones. I tried making a

Shelf rack

Year: 2015

Client: Personal project

Project: I made this parametric shelf rack to learn more about parametric design. So, with the code I made, it is possible to change the design to whatever dimensions you need and choose how many shelves it needs to have. Then you can also tweak some parameters for different angles to get a different looking design.

So with the different parameters it is possible to create lots of variations according to specific needs.



Fixing ear defender

One of the three ear defenders in the studio has been broken for a while now. Even though there’s been an attempt to re