Deichmanske ring seating

Year: 2016

Client: Lost Coast Woodworking

Project: I was asked to 3D model and produce the construction for a ring shaped seating area with a diameter of 7 meter. The object would become part of the new interior for the main Deichmanske library. All parts were modeled with their joints for easy assembling and strengthening. The circle consisted of 221 puzzle pieces which we milled out at on the Shopbot at Fellesverkstedet.

Since there were so many parts I numbered them and made an assembly guide with images to speed up the construction process.

The basic construction was made out of low-cost plywood. The outer shell was milled out of Birch plywood which got sanded, routed and got a darkening and protecting finishing done by Ben Adams & Henning Linaker. They also did the assembling.