Year: 2017

Client: Bjorn Kowalski Hansen

Project: For a big sculpture Bjorn Kowalski Hansen needed to get the 2D outline of a word converted into a 3D model. Bjorn did the original small-scale prototyping using cnc-milling 2D curves with a V-bit and some sanding. But since the final model was a 7 meter long sculpture, a 3D model had to be made in order to 3D mill the shape out of foam.

A combination of Rhino and Grasshopper was used for creating smooth surfaces and transitions. The whole model was made out of NURBS-surfaces which can be endlessly scaled and worked nicely in combination with Jens Dyvik’s CNC-milling plugin. The model was then split into 283 pieces which fit on 131 blocks of foam, and were CNC-milled and glued together afterwards.