Gylver Art project – Marienlyst skole

Year: 2018

Client: Gylver Art

Project: Lars Kristian Gylver approached me asking if I could help him out with his big art project. Lars has been working a lot with natural and repetitive shapes and has built a huge harmonograph which creates line patterns. When he was selected for creating an artwork at the Marienlyst skole (school) in Majorstuen, Oslo, he decided to install this harmonograph in the school. This way the students could play around with it and create their own line drawings.

Lars wanted to use his drawings and scale them up in order to decorate the curved wall at Marienlyst skole, which would be his canvas consisting of 8 sections divided by the structural columns of the building. I helped digitizing his drawings and guided in the iteration process for finding interesting patterns and compositions with a quick hands-on method. After this process I created some visuals for communication and this video giving an overview over the project:

Next I helped out in the production process by generating the cutting sheets for casting the background pattern onto the wall. As there were 98 sheets to be milled I used grasshopper scripts in order to automate the workflow. And finally I milled out all foam boards so that Lars Kristian was able to release his magic onto the walls. The result of his hard and intense work turned out to be absolutely stunning.