MIT Fablab Lyngen

As a start of the new year I took a trip up north to MIT Fablab Lyngen. I joined Jens and his friends Charles Armstrong & Martin Dittus for a few days of staying in Northern atmosphere, where the sun currently doesn’t rise.

Being located next to the Lyngenfjord and surrounded by snowcovered mountains, the location is astonishing. And even though we stayed during full moon time, we were lucky enough to see some Northern lights. During the days I spend my time going for a walk on the brightest time of the day, working in Grasshopper, exploring open source software, learning to use the fablabs Epilog lasercutter & 3D scanner and having/listening to some very interesting conversations and opinions on global sharing and local manufacturing. Haakon Karlsen, founder of fablab Lyngen, is a truly inspirational man with a heart for sharing knowledge and a taste for Belgian trappistenbier.

I think there’s no way I could have started the new year in a better way then coming up to Lyngen and experience its legendary northern Fablab.

So, when it comes to grasshopper, I worked on a definition for writing shopbot gcode for images, based on Jens’s work. I took the opportunity to try it out on one of my pictures of the northern lights. The shopbot of the fablab is located in a farm, sharing the house with some sheep as neighbours, which is an experience to work at in itself. I tried out my definition first by running it 5 cm above the material to see if there were any mistakes. Turned out that was a good idea, since my definition mixed up 4 points by running the holddown file. After a quick debugging I managed to get everything right and was glad with the end result.

Github link


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